Brain at Play (Cerveaux actifs) is a program of cognitive stimulation developed by Gilles Bergeron, Ph. D., to help maintain mental faculties in a pleasant way.

The program takes two forms: weekly workshop (currently in French only) and a series of books containing a wide variety of stimulating games and activities, as well as informational tidbits about how the brain works.


At any age, it is important to keep your brain flexible and alert while cultivating pleasure in learning and regularly stimulating neurons.

Whether for simple entertainment or for brain training, Brain at Play – The Big Book guarantees hours of fun for everyone.

The book contains over 300 pages of fun and engaging activities to get your neurons firing in addition to informational tidbits about how the brain works.


Gilles Bergeron, auteur de Cerveaux Actifs

Gilles Bergeron

Gilles Bergeron, Ph. D., is a specialist in cognitive psychology and the author of several educational games and programs. With this book, he wants to help people stimulate their gray matter and maintain their cognitive function, all while having fun. This game and puzzle enthusiast is constantly racking his brains for ways to get others racking theirs.

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